The best/worst test experience by Marjolein Pordon

The best/worst testing experience by Marjolein Pordon

Posted: 20 februari 2019 at

Editor: Henk Johan Kwakkel

Author: Marjolein Pordon

What keeps you busy these days?

I entered the test section in July 2017 and I am enjoying it to the fullest. Squerist gave me great opportunities to develop and now I mainly focus on BI testing. I am part of the BI guild. We learn from each other through the diversity of specialisms and discover what is going on in the market and how we can support this.

Which test assignment do you have fond memories of and why?

I just did one big test assignment. Before that I was allowed to perform a few POCs around TA. Those are fun assignments. You get to know the company and what they need from TA. Meanwhile, you research different options of tooling and what would suit the website or application of the company. You learn a lot about testing and how to apply the options in an automated environment in a short time. I am therefore looking forward to the next assignment where I will focus more on the technical side of testing.

What test experience have you learned a lot from and what have you learned?

When I started my first major test assignment, I joined a team in which the developers were remote. In addition, the stories were quite technical, which might make tuning difficult. Fortunately, I worked with a developer and architect who were easily accessible and who came to location if I needed it. They used a lot of footage and regularly let me watch what they were doing. It was never said that anything was too technical. They always tried to take me into what they were doing and how, within what would be relevant to my tests. It has motivated me to ask deeper questions in my current team and in future assignments with developers and to learn more about what happens in the code. In the case of a bug, I ask how and where it originated, in order to be able to better estimate the risks in the future. Working with this team has broadened and deepened my vision on testing!

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