About me

Hi! My name is Marjolein Pordon, and I am a low-code enthusiast from the Netherlands. (For non-Dutchies: you can pronounce my first name as: Mar-Yo-Line.) I am a low-code quality consultant, test specialist and evangelist. 

I enjoy helping companies enhance the quality of their low-code applications by emphasizing the specific risks of low-code application development, devise an appropriate test strategy and manage and/or conduct the test phases to be able to give a sound judgment about the quality of the system.

One of my goals is to share my knowledge, experience and enthousiasm for low-code. To achieve this, you can find me as a speaker on various conferences preaching about low-code quality and sharing tips to reach this quality. Additionally, I’m actively writing articles and handbooks and conduct workshops. Follow me on social media to stay informed.